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How it Works

How It Works

Supporting Your Cause provides the perfect mechanism for you to support the cause you select by simply shopping! When you purchase a gift of flowers, jewelry, handbags, chocolates, magazines, clothing, or any of over a hundred items through this website, up to 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the cause you select. Walmart, Macys, Apple and Best Buy contribute 2%. Items purchased from over two dozen of our suppliers, highlighted in dashed green boxes throughout the website, contribute 10%. All other suppliers contribute 5%. The percentage of sales that will benefit your cause is based on the product sales price after any discounts or coupons, and excludes state sales taxes and shipping fees.

Shopping online is convenient, and now you can help others with each purchase. Your cause will even benefit if you buy something for yourself, such as shoes, makeup, computer games and anti-virus software, food supplements, and items from the online drugstore.

Print Grocery Coupons
As an added bonus, you can print grocery coupons as a no-cost way to raise money for the cause you select. Each day you print at least one coupon, 10 cents will be donated. This is a way for the product manufacturers and stores to advertise their popular brands. The Print Grocery Coupons box, located at the bottom of most pages on this site, allows you to print a large assortment of discount grocery coupons on your own printer. A print program is even provided allowing you to print the high quality coupons with a single mouse click.

How Much Money can be Raised?
There is no limit to the amount of money that can be raised for the cause you select. Here are a few considerations: suppose each person supporting your cause buys, on average, $100 worth of gifts and other items through the website each month. If half the items purchased contribute 5%, and half contribute 10%, we can project that, on average, a contribution of 7.5%, or $7.50, will be made each month, per supporter. Daily printing of grocery coupons will boost this even further.

Number of supporters $Raised/month$Raised/year

Checks are sent quarterly to each organization accruing over $50 for the prior quarter. Balances below $50 are carried over and accumulated until the $50 threshold is reached.

Nominating a Cause
If you would like to suggest a nonprofit to be listed on, please click on the Nominate a nonprofit link located at the top of each page. You will be prompted to enter information about the cause, along with contact information and the reason why the organization is interested in fundraising.

In order for the fundraising effort to be successful, word needs to spread letting people know how easy it is to help the cause. Emails, containing a link to, should be sent by the organization to their supporters. We will be happy to supply sample emails containing "custom links" which will lead directly to a webpage featuring the organization.

How You can Help
Tell your friends about the benefits of using Mention that the site contains great gift ideas, most at great prices, and 5% - 10% of all purchases are donated to your cause. You can further help by spreading the word through social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. and by emailing your friends, family and co-workers. Be sure to copy and paste the following link:

The more you spread the word, the more money will be raised for the cause you select.

Adopt a Cause
If you belong to a company, club, or group of friends that would like to join together in supporting a cause, please take advantage of our Adopt a Cause program. This is a great team-building project. Contact us for details.

Does it cost more to shop through this site? Any membership fees or other extras?
No. Prices are the same, or lower than, you'd find at typical retail stores. Since online suppliers have less overhead, they are able to offer low prices and still provide for a charitable donation. No extra fees or memberships are required.

Can I claim a tax-deductible donation?
No. The money that goes to your cause is being paid by, not by you, the consumer. Since it is not a direct donation, you cannot treat it as a tax-deductible contribution.

How safe is it to use my credit card when shopping online?
You will be purchasing directly from the retailer. Neither the cause you select nor have any access to your credit card or other personal information. The retailers' individual security and privacy policies can be found on each of their unique sites.